Ah this is a fruity subject! The key to writing a blog, apart from making sure you squeeze as many keywords in there as you can (and so that it still reads well of course), is to make sure that you’re writing something that people actually want to read.

So often businesses believe that their blog should be about the services they offer… and OK that’s true to a certain extent, but what other person or business would actually want to share a blog like that?

Keep your services to the Services section of your website!

A blog should be something that

  • Draws people into your website
  • It should entice them
  • Teach them
  • Or excite them.
  • It shouldn’t try to sell too much, if at all,
  • And if you’re going to try to sell, do it at the end of the blog with a nice call to action.

What you should write about in your blog

With a blog, you’re positioning yourself as an expert in your field. You’re imparting knowledge about your service or business, and you’re giving it away for free. And don’t be afraid to do that. You don’t need to play your cards close to your chest, in most cases, because people will read the blog and recognise your expertise from it.

Some people will be able to take the free information you give away and implement it for themselves: these people may not be a potential client at all, or they may become one further down the line. Others will digest the information and then contact you because they can see that you know what you’re talking about.

Make your blog shareable

I always judge the success of a blog on the number of people who read it… sounds a bit obvious doesn’t it? But when I write a blog, I’m always thinking about whether people will find this interesting enough to do me the honour of sharing it on their own network. And that’s my goal: create something that’s so good, other people and other businesses will want to share it. The more it’s shared, the more it’ll be read.

So your blog can’t sell too much: if it does, no one will want to share it or refer to it.

Make your blog tempting

You will want to create an irresistible headline that will get people reading. So think about what people are looking for in terms of information. Take a look at keywords and you will be able to see what people are actually searching for when they type something into a search engine. And make it tempting: create bite-sized amounts of copy that will give them what they want in the first few seconds of looking at your blog.

Dos and donts of blog writing

DO use bite-sized 10-pointer blogs like: ‘10 easy ways to win at social media’

DON’T write long flowing paragraphs of copy – they might read beautifully but people don’t have time to concentrate on all those words these days

DO break up your paragraphs with small headings

DO include easily digestible stats

DO include images where appropriate

DO make them easy to read and tripe check for grammar and spelllllling errors

DO share your blogs across your social media, in your email marketing, maybe on the bottom of your email signature

AND of course make sure your blog page works hard to CONVERT those visitors and keep them on your website: so ensure you have clear links from your blog page to the rest of your website. Entice them to stay longer… ask Footsteps how! (see what I did there – final sentence with a suggested call to action!)

Happy Blogging!

Susie x

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