how much is a small business website cost
  • On average the cost a small business will spend on a website is from £1000 to £6000.
  • The cost to create a website for a small business depends on what you want to achieve from the website, what functionality you need, how big the website is and what bespoke design you would like to apply.

So what makes up a small business website spend in 2023?

The development (design and programming) of a website is the main cost attributed to a website, and that is where we draw the averages for a website’s overall cost.

That said, we spent years developing a fantastic solution so small businesses can have a website developed for as little as £499 + VAT – more on that later.

To begin with, it is worth looking at the other areas you need to budget for your small business costs when starting a website from scratch. These are the essential costs that every small business website needs to have.

  • A Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • An SSL Certificate

Domain name (Around £12 Annually)

small business website cost in 2023

You will more than likely have bought your domain name already. They’re cheap and easy to buy. Although you don’t always necessarily get the name you’re looking for as often they’ve already been purchased.

You can buy them from companies such as GoDaddy, Fasthosts and we do suggest you buy them directly or get your web developer to buy them registered in your name with your web developers as managers on the account.

Your domain name is the name of your business. A bit like your home address. The details you type in to get found.

Nike is, Virgin is and so on. You then have further domains to attribute to a business such as and Ours is

You’ll note you no longer need to type www into the search bar anymore. A thing of the past. Although it will still work if you do.

Domain name averages around £12 per year, but you can get deals and offers. And it depends on factors such as the type of domain name (, .com, .me, .biz, etc.) If you haven’t got a domain name as yet for your small business website, we can organise it all for you and set it up in your name.

Website hosting (Around £150 Annually)

small business website developers colchester

This is where your website resides. The space on a server (generally in the cloud these days for better security).

You can get cheap hosting, but you need to take in factors such as how much space your website will need, how well the website will perform – does it have down time when your visitors cannot get to it, is it slow, what other websites are on the server and does that effect your websites performance as a result?

On average, a decent shared server, is around £150 per year for website hosting, but again you can get introductory offers to make a saving.

You can get faster servers, more space and even dedicated servers, if need be, and these come at a higher cost. It is worth speaking to your web developers to get advice on what server would suit your small business website as there will be deciding factors on this.

At Footsteps Design we look at the best options for your small business and most of the time the cloud servers we use are more than adequate for your needs. And there’s always the opportunity to upgrade. We also have clients on their own dedicated cloud servers too, so we can help all types of small business.

SSL certificate (£0 – £1000 per year)

This is the little padlock you see in the address bar. Designed to protect your website and its visitor’s data.

In the main, this is to instil trust into your website visitors. As with any part of a website it should be developed and presented correctly. If there are any negative factors on view (such as the lack of an SSL certificate and the HUGE message that warns visitors to go no further with the lack of one) then you’re already fighting a losing battle. Trust is so important to any visors to your website.

You will be pleased to know all our hosting comes with a FREE SSL certificate.

Website design (£500 – £10,000)

Ok, so we’ve discussed your essential annual small business website costs. Not too bad really. Now we need to get down to where the actual work is done, how it is done and where the actual main website costs are to be found.

This is where all the decisions are made to ensure you are getting the right small business website for your business. Website design costs will depend on many factors. Some business owners or directors prefer a no-nonsense design, getting to the point and if you choose your web designers carefully you can find a web solution that will fit your small business website perfectly.

Other businesses will prefer to work on extensive designs and create a truly bespoke website design to compete in a pool of competitor websites, to stand out from the crowd and punch their message home.

This is where you need to speak to your web developers so they can understand your business goals and help you with what you want your business to achieve. Here’s where you ask them for examples of other websites, what can be developed within a certain budget and how to make your small business website get ahead of your competitors.

You may be surprised. Our dedicated small business website solutions offer outstanding design at a fraction of today’s average website design costs – And not only that, but they’re also ‘proper bespoke-built’ WordPress websites too. We offer small business websites from £499.

Website functionality (£1000 – £30,000)

how much does a small business website cost in colchester

This is always the part that that takes the time for website developers when estimating the cost of a website and how many hours are needed to achieve all the various functions a website requires.

Often you will find that you don’t necessarily need all the functions a website can provide. This is really important, as this is where you can save on costs.

As a business owner you need to know your end goal. Why do you need a website, what is the purpose of the website and what’s the quickest way to reach your goals?

You’ll probably find as a small business your website functionality will be less, and as a result the website will cost less.

Ecommerce will take the costs up. Simply because it’s an additional functionality that will need configuration.

If your company wants to sell online, it will need to accept online payments, and need payment gateways such as PayPal or Opayo (Sage) to receive money from your customers.

Again, there are different ways of achieving this, so it is worth talking with your web developers to get the right plugins for your website. Afterall you probably don’t need merchant banking and robust systems the likes of Amazon use.

Do you need to link to a CRM for example. Probably not. Whilst we have developed many very complicated websites linked to databases, our small business websites don’t need to go down this route and as a result will cost less.

WooCommerce websites, as an ecommerce platform for example, have an admin system to allow the administration to manage orders, delivery, sales and all sorts of requirements a small shop would need, and that’s as standard. Yes, it takes time to configure these things to your own business requirements, but they tend to be quite standard, so it doesn’t cost thousands as the functionality is already there.

As a small business, often you don’t need ecommerce and in fact what you really want is your customers to contact you. Indeed, this is something we find when we speak to a lot of small business owners. They just want their customers on the phone so they can close the deal! As a result, you can often get the website functionality you actually need without paying a lot of money at all.

small business website functionaility costs colchester

Website pages – how many do you need and what’s in them? (£1000 – £5,000)

Yes, it makes a difference how big your website is. How many pages it has. How many pages within pages and links within those pages. It’s simple really. As with most service industries where cost is estimated, it comes down to time.

small business website costs colchester

Building, plumbing, decorating; they all need to be worked out on the hours or days required to finish the job. Yes, you will need parts and materials, just like you need plug-ins and software, but the main cost element to consider, is the time it takes to do the work.

With websites it also comes down to what is on those pages and how different one page is from another. Do you require videos, galleries, multiple forms? Does each page need to be built differently from another? All this takes time. Once again, you need to consider your business goals.

It’s often quite possible to achieve what your business needs without having multiple different page styles (known as templates). For every different page style you often need a different template created. If you don’t do this the result will be a significant saving on your website cost.

Added to that, if the website is built in a decent CMS package (such as WordPress or Joomla!) then you can get involved with the creation of the pages yourself (or assign staff to manage it for you).

You can build out the content on these pages very easily, add your own images, image galleries, videos text, links and so much more, which saves you paying website developers to do this for you.

Other things to consider with a small business website.

cost to build a small business website in colchester

Website administration (Use a decent CMS)

WordPress and Joomla are the two of the most high-profile platforms used to build websites. They are robust systems that are free to use and when used properly can be a powerful tool for your business.

With bespoke built websites using core WordPress or Joomla as the base, allows for the growth of your website with the ability to grow the website as your business grows.

It is worth having training on how to efficiently manage your website to make sure you benefit from all the tools available to you. Speak to your web developers about WordPress or Joomla training so you understand how to effectively administer your website.

We offer low-cost training to really get you started with our business start up packages. Speak to one of the team today to see how these packages work.

Website Plug ins. (£0 – £500)

These paid and free plug-ins allow you to add extra functionality to your website. There are lots of plug-ins in the WordPress and Joomla world to enhance your website. Payment Gateways, Forms, Calendars, Event booking and so much more.

It is worth exploring the ratings and reviews of Plug-ins to ensure they will bring value to your business website, and it is essential they have the correct support needed to ensure they work for you.

Website Maintenance (£100 – 600 per month)

Keeping your website up to date in is vital in today’s world of online business. It’s no different to serving your car or maintaining your premises.

With shared software such as WordPress and Joomla, there are constant security updates, patches, and fixes to the core code. These are released regularly and should be applied to your website to ensure it is as robust as it can be and functions as it should. Protecting your website as best as possible.

If you consider your website an important tool for your business. In fact if you don’t have premises and it is your only window to your customers then you need to make sure it is working as it should be.

Website developers will offer maintenance packages, applying the updates and carrying out fixes (as indeed the updates can break or effect your website) on your behalf. It is worth discussing what support your web developers can offer you when budgeting for your small business website. After all, your website is no good to you if it doesn’t work.

We offer great packages to keep you website maintained for only £60 +VAT per month.

Your target audience – Who is your website for? What is its point?

small business website cost target your audience

It is essential you consider the goals of your small business website. This should be the starting point before you even think about building your website. Make sure you discuss what you want to achieve with your developers so they can make sure they are offering you the right solution.

SEO & Digital Marketing

However good your design is and no matter how much you have spent on your website, you need your customers to find it.

How you look at your digital marketing and SEO strategy will depend on your goals and the market you are in. How competitive is it, what are your competitors doing?

There are fundamental SEO practices that will aid the growth of your website and as a result the return on investment.  Elements such as website optimisation, page loading speed, internal and external links, valuable and relevant website content and so much more.

Speak to your web company to discuss how to best get your website found on search engines like Google.

We mentioned a small business website package for under £500!

small business websites for under 500 pounds

Yes, we can offer bespoke-built small business websites starting at only £499.

Our business start-up websites are designed to help get your business noticed. These websites not only look great and are easy to use but save a fortune on anything remotely similar in the market.

They’re built in WordPress, are robust, mobile friendly and you have the ability to easily manage the website yourselves.

Change content (images, pictures, prices, videos, and so much more) all through an easy content management platform. This means you can keep the content fresh and up to date as your business grows and adapts.

And if you host with us, it it comes with the security certificates completely FREE (the padlock in the website address bar) further instilling trust into your clients. 

To give you an insight as to why we built these, we had lots of small businesses coming to us who wanted a website but were unable to get what they needed due to the relatively high costs of building a bespoke business website.

We got fed up with turning people away.

We decided to change that and make having a small business website for under £500 genuinely possible.

Pooling together all our expertise – over 21 years at the time – we spent around a year developing the perfect opportunity to allow businesses such as yourselves to get a fantastic small business website for a fraction of the cost. 

Here’s Dan, one of our developers talking about the websites – a lot younger when he shot this :0) …

Give the Footsteps Design team a call today and see how you can benefit now from one of our bespoke built small business website packages.

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