simple website design ideas

When your website feels like a needle in a haystack, you somehow need to do something to make your web design stand out from the crowd.

Let’s face it, your website is not the only one out there, is it?

Be great if it was. Everybody would be using your website and you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and in reality, your website is one of thousands of websites vying for every little bit of business in a very competitive digital world.

So, what does your business need to do to get your website ahead of the rest?

What can you do to your website to make your customers trust you?

As it happens, there are a few simple web design tips you can use to give your website a decent chance to bring in the results you crave.

By making simple changes to your web design and utilising some of our design ideas, you can start to make a difference to your business and get your website working for you.

Here are some of the best simple website tips the team at Footsteps Design have been using for the last 20 years or so.

simple website design ideas

Simple web design ideas & tips you can apply to your website

Simple Navigation is key – give your sales funnel a chance

The website menu – The most important part of your website.

It gives your customers an overview of your website. An effective way to navigate your web pages and most importantly lead them to your intended goal – Call, Buy, Contact.

Don’t make this too complicated. Don’t confuse your customers by having so much choice, oodles of top-level menu pages with streams of pages in the drop down underneath. Where should they go? What are they supposed to do next and how can they find what they are looking for?

If you give your customers too much choice or start to confuse them, they will quickly lose interest and likely to click away to a competitor’s website. It is proven that people don’t like to spend time searching. Ask yourself the same question. How do you search for the things you are interested in? A holiday for example… are you so patient?

simple website design ideas

Website Colour – Less is more

Stick to two or three main colours on your website in most instances and utilise percentages (accents) of colour to highlight the areas you want to promote.

Be bold with your call to actions (CTA’s) as they are the areas of your website you want your customers to use. That doesn’t necessarily mean be brash or bright, it just means utilise your website colour palette to make them stand out.

Follow your brand guidelines and keep the colour theme running through all your web pages to ensure the design is crisp, classy, and easy on the eye.

Having a good-looking website instils trust into your potential customers and a confusion of colour is only going to give your website negativity and encourage click away rather than click through.

simple website design ideas

Space. Clean white Space. Use it.

The urge is to fill as much of the landing page as possible. Get as much information on the web page as you can to persuade your potential clients to trust you, to buy from you, to become a new customer.


Just as we said to not clutter the menu, the same is true of the overall content on your webpage.

Give your web pages space. This will allow all the important elements of your website to be viewed easily and ensure smooth navigation to what you want your customers to see. Following your sales funnel.

By having clean white space, it will let the menu sit clearly. Images to jump out of the page, colours to be vibrant and the all-important CTA’s (call to actions) to be clicked on; as is your plan.

Simple website design ideas & how they work

Navigation – Your Menu & Call to Action (CTA)

Coolair VW

These guys sell VW parts in a very competitive market to an affluent hobbyist audience. The market will spend the money and do have the time, but they are conscious of style and need to find quite particular VW parts.

The navigation here shows how a vast and complicated menu with a great deal of pages, can be simplified and designed with thought out call to action hotspots the business wants the clients to go to.

simple website ideas

Essentially the website sells VW parts. But it also needs to appeal to the hobbyist nature of its audience.

The site has a two-tiered website menu at first view.

First Menu – The ‘Shop’ (and Search) as the main menu button

Second Menu – The ‘About Us’ menu for all things about the company and about the market the audience can indulge in. Aiding trust signals and further exploration of the website as needed.

Just as an aside here, getting customers to come to your website is a fantastic tool. Within this second menu, the customer is encouraged in two ways to come back to the site.

  • As a go to place to find out all they need to know about their vehicle with helpful guides and the latest VW event details.
  • A Loyalty program to give the customer points every time they spend with Coolair VW. This highlighted in a call to action box on the home page, under the menu.

But as I said, this is the secondary menu. The ‘trust menu’. What the company want is sales, so let’s get back to the website navigation menu and the sales funnel.

Hover over ‘Shop’ and a mega menu opens to reveal everything the potential buyer needs. Their vehicle appearing in the drop down. Couldn’t be simpler.

simple website ideas

As the customer hovers over the vehicle relevant to them, an image appears of that vehicle and the vehicle word is highlighted. Encouraging a response > To click.

Once clicked the image is replaced with all the relevant sections for that vehicle > Click on that section and it opens the department for that area > Click on that area and it reveals the choice of parts > Click on the part needed and it opens the part and the ability to add to cart > Add to Cart.

simple website ideas

The customer hasn’t even had to scroll the page and yet they have exactly what they needed and is ready to complete the sale. Sales Funnel complete.

simple website ideas

Note a couple of design aspects and content design elements added to aid the conversion here.

  • When the ‘mega menu’ is opened and you are displayed with your choice of vehicle and part section, at the bottom of this menu are sales signals to encourage trust and answer potential questions before placing a purchase (often found hidden in a customer service page). Price Match, Simple Returns, Free Delivery, Next day delivery. All possible negativities dealt with and no need to navigate away.
  • As you scroll down through the parts the all-important ‘Shop’ menu will stick to the top of the viewing page, ensuring you can always navigate to the shop to explore other vehicles and other sections and other parts at any time during the process. And note the breadcrumbs displaying where you are in the shopping process. They also stick to the top of the menu during the sales process.

Everything is easy. Everything encourages the easiest way to buy the part the customer needs. They don’t need to go anywhere else for their parts and the business has their custom.

These simple design ideas have achieved their goal with well thought out navigation via the menu, decent call to action areas and clever content placement.

Website Colours – Your way to a better response

simple website ideas

Bentons Kitchens

This is a perfect example of how a very small colour palette can aid the design of the website. Designed this way to enhance the conversion rate. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say a website with no colour whatsoever!

Its grey. Yep… Grey.

When it comes to colour, black and white are a given. Not to be included in the number of colours you can choose. They are a base to use along with your colour choice. If you need to of course. In this case you don’t.

How can a grey website look so vibrant and attractive?

Because it is not confusing the viewer in any way that’s why. It’s not fighting with the abundance of colour already available to enhance the design of the product itself and aid the sales funnel.

This website needs to inspire the customer. It simply needs the images to do the talking, to allow the kitchens themselves to be viewed in their best light.

Because we have so many colours in the fantastic images the designer has to use, the website utilises those images to stop any confusion and uses the muted grey palette to make that work.

Add the abundance of clever placed CTA’s (call to actions) and the design has completed its job to get a call through to the sales team.

simple website ideas

Dylan IT

Other than the given black and white, we’ve already discussed, we have 2 colours here. Blue and Yellow.

The blue is taken from the branding and used within the colour palette as the backdrop to the  header images, where the story is told through the illustrations – What services the business has to offer.

The main vibrant blue is used for the call to actions in the main icons on the home page, and the buttons throughout the website, encouraging response against the minimal flat white background.

They are easy to see and guide the customer to the area they want to explore. The colour is aiding response.

The Yellow is the almost instant ‘close’ to the sale, demanding a response. ‘We’re the best’, ‘Get our support for FREE’. Why wouldn’t you press this button?

Give a little thought to the colours of your website and see how it can greatly improve the response your business is aiming for.

White Space – Make negative, positive

simple website ideas

International Aluminium

White space, or negative space can really give your website design the quality, or finesse it needs to drive the point home. With this website, the white space helps draw attention to what matters most – the content.

The audience for this website craves information and this is an information rich website that needs to guide the users to the information they require. Details about the company, the statistics of the aluminium industry, the areas they work and the relevant events and associated media.

Here it’s not so much about a sales funnel, but more a process of providing easy navigation to the information allowing the website to deliver the professionalism the organisation wants to portray.

By allowing the content to breath, with the creation of what space, and utilising white text on brand-coloured backgrounds, the website doesn’t feel cluttered in any way, even though it is displaying a plethora of information.

The resulting design gives the user a pleasurable experience, a trust in the organisation and encourages further exploration through the website.

Martin Elliott

This website design follows a similar style of utilising the negative space to enhance the content.

The header image uses the white background almost as a stencil-style design to highlight the famous local landmarks to the customers. This gives a striking image to the landing page delivering an instant ‘local’ message to the businesses target audience, backed up with a sales strapline in the same stencil design to drive the message home.

The overall design style to this website is ‘flat’. It’s aim to be simple and uncluttered. The white space allows the design to achieve that. The focus is on the call to action; white on colour, and the trust signals in the ‘what our clients say’ section are easy to read, with arrows (easily seen in the grey on white) to scroll though more and a button to view all the testimonials.

The general feel to the website is to be simple, to the point and easy on the eye. The design here relies on the white space to achieve that. The top menu is simple and easy to view. The call to actions stand out with the white out text both on the branded colour background and over the coloured images. The icons to highlight the different services are striking in white and the buttons throughout the website can’t help but be easy to see.

Essentially white space removes the clutter from your website and used in the right way can allow your website design to work for you and aid the desired response.

Need more web design tips?

It’s easy when you know how.

A few simple web design tips can help declutter your website, follow your sales funnel and improve your conversion rates.

Why not give our team at Footsteps Design a call and see how we can help improve your website design and most importantly improve your business conversion rates.

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