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Ensuring your website runs smoothly and without incident is expected, but not always a given. At our offices based in Colchester, we can provide full hosting, domain and technical support packages so you can rest easy your website will run to the best of its ability. We can advise on the best course for your business, with many different packages available to suit both budget and website traffic. From simply buying a domain name and host your site for a year, to full monthly technical support and security updates.

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Perfectly Managed Websites

  • Hosting
    We provide competitive hosting packages with infinite email addresses. We can transfer domain names so you can have confidence we are providing the full service package for your business, rather than a situation where you have hosting in one place and domain in another.
  • Secure, Hybrid and Dedicated Hosting
    We provide various secure hosting packages for websites with sensitive information, extensive bandwidth and higher levels of control.
  • Domain Names
    Domains from £10.00 + VAT. ALL accounts are set up in your name and owned by you from day one (this includes any transfers).
  • Technical Support & Security
    You can have monthly access to real people who are on hand to manage your website and update platform software. No support tickets here.
  • Backup, Update, Test, Backup
    We first back up your website to ensure we have safely stored the code before any changes are made. Then we implement the updates to the core CMS, as well as any plugins, extensions, components or themes that need updating. After we finish updating, our team test your website for bugs. Once we're all happy with the performance of your website, we perform another backup to keep the contents of your website secure.

Leaving Your Website Vulnerable to Hackers and Coding Errors Could Cost Your Business Thousands of Pounds

Having a professional website brings countless benefits to your business, but are you prepared for a cyber attack or coding error?

Because all too often businesses that aren’t covered by a website maintenance package have to spend thousands of pounds getting a new website built – simply because they were not covered by a maintenance package.

This is most commonly caused by hackers breaking into your site and injecting code into your server. This often means you’ll need to have your website totally rebuilt, as it’ll be more cost-effective to rebuild the website, than it would be for a developer to go through over 400,000 lines of code manually to look for injections.

Another common cause of websites needing to be rebuilt is code breaking when inexperienced people try to update the website. And although it is of utmost importance that your website stays up-to-date for security reasons, the results of not taking proper precautions for your website beforehand could be disastrous for your company.

If keeping your website protected is important to you, we have put together a website maintenance package that covers all likely website issues. Our team of web development experts have combined over 19 years of experience managing WordPress and Joomla websites to give you the safest solution to website maintenance.

How We Keep Your Website Safe

We backup your website to three separate locations every month for maximum security and efficiency. The first backup get stored on a web server to allow us to quickly access previous versions of your website’s code if anything was to go wrong.

The second backup get stored on an internal server and acts as an independent backup of your website. If your website was to get hacked, this would be our go to backup to get your site up and running again in no time.

The third backup gets securely stored on an offsite server to give your company that true peace of mind that you have multiple backups being stored to keep your website safe.

To put it simply, even if your web server got hacked, our internal servers broke and our offices burnt to the ground – we’d still have a backup of your website.

WordPress and Joomla Updates

After we have backed up your website and stored it in three separate locations, we will then update your Joomla or WordPress website. This includes any plugins, components, modules, themes, templates and more to ensure your website’s code is as up-to-date as possible.

We cannot overstate the importance of keeping WordPress and Joomla updated – as there are often critical security updates that need to be applied on all websites.

Once we have updated the website, we then go through and check it for errors. Because unfortunately, when WordPress and Joomla update, there will often be bugs in the code that need to be fixed. We go through and fix any bugs we find, and if it’s out of our control and we can’t  fix it ourselves – we will simply revert back that bit of code to the previous version of your website until it gets fixed by the CMS developers.

This keeps your website safe, and prevents unnecessary downtime.

After we’ve successfully backed up and updated your website, we will then take a final backup of your website in case anything goes wrong throughout the month. This is also stored in the three locations previously mentioned to ensure we always have easy access to the latest version of your website.

And the best part is – you don’t have to worry about a thing. You simply pay us a small monthly fee and we take care of the rest. Your website will be fully maintained and securely stored in multiple locations.

Having a good maintenance package is the only way to ensure you keep what you’ve got safe. Don’t wait until it’s a problem – get yourself covered by our maintenance package before it’s too late.

Start Your Website Maintenance Package Today

Over 100 businesses throughout the UK sleep easy at night knowing that their website is safely being maintained by Footsteps Design Ltd. If you would like to join them, call us on 01206 864441.