should you rebuild your website

Well that really depends on why you are rebuilding it.

Definitely not just because other people are rebuilding theirs. That’s for Sure!

We all want a lovely new website design that reflects our business in its best light don’t we. A fantastic looking website design that ensures your visitors buy your product, pick up the phone or email you.

It needs to be slick, to the point and most importantly generate plenty of leads or sales…

Is your website doing that?

Is your website giving you great results? In fact, come to think of it, why have you even got a website?

That’s the real question you should be asking yourself before you know if you need to rebuild your website. Because if you establish the main reasons behind having the website in the first place, you can properly answer the question. Ask yourself what the main focus of the website is. The goal or goals.

If you’ve given some thought to the goals of the website, then you’ve established the most important reason for needing to rebuild your website.

Your website is not aiding the growth of your business.

should you rebuild your website

What is a website redesign?

In short, the process of a website redesign is the revamping or rebuilding of your existing website.

Updating the latest software, such as WordPress or Joomla and deeper elements of PHP or JavaScript and all their related plug-ins and extensions that aid the functionality of the website.

It’s refreshing the look of the website, the colours, the images, the layout, the navigation and all the working parts that make a website work well and look great.

As we’ve been doing this for some time now, we kinda know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to page design, page layout, page hotspots, call-to-actions. The “Do’s and Don’ts” of web design to achieve the best results for your business.

But a website redesign needs to follow reason. It needs to be based on why you are redesigning or refreshing your website.

After all, it’s not a pretty picture we’re creating here to hang on the lounge wall. It’s something that needs investment and should help your business to make a return on that investment.

should you rebuild your website

How much does a website redesign cost?

I’ll just pause on this question and come back to it in a minute as I want to talk more on why you are rebuilding your website.

Q. Have you used analytics to run some tests on the website to see which pages are working for you?

Q. Have you discussed your website with a professional web designer to see what they feel is and isn’t working?

You may well have tested the website, know what the issues are and need the expertise of one of us ‘them-there’ web designers to make those changes for you.

You may know you simply need a refresh of certain areas, and just need the website brought up to date. Have a little website refresh. Nicer images, updated text and content, decent call-to-action buttons, a good ‘our team’ page, the list goes on.

Equally, you may need a website rebuild, a restructure and a foundation to ensure the website will work positively for you and your business.

Either way, if you’ve given some thought to the goals of the website, then you’ve established the most important reason for rebuilding your website – Your website should be aiding the growth of your business. When you know this, you can clearly define what the message should be and how you should say it.

We can’t say that aiding your business growth is the one and only reason for a website rebuild. We know it’s the most important reason, but not the only one.

There are other reasons to consider a website refresh too.

  • There are parts of your website that may not work
  • It has glitches and oddities meaning your website doesn’t work well on mobile
  • It’s not guiding your users to the pages or products you want to promote
  • Users aren’t on the site for long and your bounce rate is high
  • It’s started to drop through the Google rankings
  • It’s out of date and isn’t delivering the business message you want to portray

Does that sound like your website?

If the answer is yes. Then it is worth remembering that your website design is a reflection on your business. So, if you haven’t given the time and thought to the design or have let the website just rumble along because up until now it’s been fine. Then yes. Now is the time for a website rebuild.

Right. Back to the earlier question on ‘how much is a website redesign?’

It depends.

Ah. That old chestnut.

I know, I know… The sharp intake of breath as you ask your plumber how much it’s going to cost to fix that little drip under the kitchen sink.

Look. If you have a huge ecommerce website with hundreds of products and countless functionality requirements, it’s going to be a different animal to a lead-based brochure website that has 25-50 pages. With all web designers in any graphic design studio, it comes down to the amount of time you need to spend on the website build to achieve the best results.

This is where you choose the right people for the job. Plain and simple. If you want your website to be cost effective. i.e., what you spend on the website will bring you a return, then you need to invest in the right people. That doesn’t always mean you find the most expensive. Or indeed the cheapest. What one person can do in an hour is very different to what another person can achieve in the same amount of time.

So maybe the question should be how is my website budget better invested?

What we have is a well-established web design company with over 20 years of experience in developing websites, with countless satisfied customers who rely on this expertise to aid in their business’ growth.

Our website developers know how to achieve these results quickly, as we’ve been doing it for so long, so in essence it takes less time to achieve the results as we’re used to doing it on a day-to-day basis. If it takes less time, then it takes less money. And the time you are investing in is solid, experienced web design that aids your return on investment.

should you rebuild your website

How should I redesign my website?

Ok. You know you need to assign a budget for your website redesign (and with the best people for the job). Find yourself a web designer or team of web designers you feel you can trust with this important part of your business and begin the process. 

How do you go about rebuilding your website to make it work for your business?

Let us explore the best steps you can follow to rebuild your website.

4 easy steps for a successful website redesign

1. Review your existing website pages – Find out what is & isn’t working on your website

We’ve touched on this already. But you already have tools that can help you understand why your website isn’t working. Google Analytics will show you what traffic is coming through the website and where. It can give you a good insight to what is and isn’t already working. What pages are being visited? Are the forms working? Do the call-to-actions work? Spend a little time analysing the lowest and highest performing pages.

Using this information will allow you to make informed decisions on how best to redesign your website. You could take the highest performing pages and apply what is working on those to other areas of your website.

Speak to a professional. Decent website designers should have a good initial understanding just by looking at your current website why certain things aren’t working. They should be able to give you an insight on where the web design or layout could change. Or not as the case may be.

You shouldn’t change something just for the sake of change.

should you rebuild your website

2. Understand your business goals – What is the point of your website?

Right. You’ve understood the main areas of the website that need work. Now you need to properly establish your goal or goals and make the website work for you.

Hold on a sec…. That’s your business goal by the way. Not necessarily what you think may be your goal.

For any web designer who has worked in the industry for several years, this will likely be the one hurdle we come up against.  One little wall (sometimes huge mountain!) that goes against a website aiding business growth and obtaining its goals.

The design is for the owner of the website rather than the business audience.

Yup. That’s the one. The steadfast opinions of design can be wide and varied. Everybody has a different view on everything. And so it should be. But this is a business website, pure and simple.

At this stage it is so important you listen to your web designer.

Yes, it’s imperative that the designer meets your desires, follows the branding and achieves a web design you feel happy with representing your business, but you must remember your audience and the reason for your website.

The website is for your audience. Not you.  Its purpose is to bring in results for your business. Full stop.

Work together with your web designer to make those goals work throughout your website. Do you need to look at the navigation? Reduce the number of clicks through the website? Promote related content? Create target landing pages? Highlight calls to action?

Create a fantastic looking website to communicate your goals whilst ensuring a great experience for your audience. Get this right and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

3. Plan your redesign – Make the website work for your business

This is where you work backwards.

Yes, it’s nice to start with the colours and the pictures and all those lovely fluffy parts of the website but let’s get down to business (by the way they don’t necessarily have to be fluffy if you choose the right ones that work for your goals, but more on that later).

Put your goals down on paper and now figure out what you need to do to achieve them.

Website goal 1: You need to speak to a potential customer about your business so you can tell them why you are the best.

You want the person to call or contact you. Get your number in front of them on the first page, add a button to click to a form with only a little info to fill in. Encourage them to contact you easily.

should you rebuild your website

Did you know that people don’t like to spend ages on a website? The harder you make it for your user to find anything, the less likely it is that you’ll get a result and achieve that goal you’ve set.

A form should really be ‘name’ and ‘contact’ – that’s it! You’ll probably find they will fill that in, as it’s easy for them to do so and as a result you have a potential new customer. Now it’s down to you and your sales team to do their part.

A website can show you what page your user has come from anyway, so you already have an insight as to what they were looking at or interested in.

Website goal 2: You want to instil trust into your audience, so they have faith in you.

Then don’t put all the decent, personal, and substantial information about your company in the ‘about us’ section or buried somewhere within the website.

Put it on the home page.

The number of times I have found the best content about a business deep in an ‘about us’ page are… Well, I can’t remember. Alot!

should you rebuild your website

Writing about a subject you know well is easy, so people tend to provide this content in full, but give no substance to the home page or landing pages. Remember content is king on a website for SEO, so just a little thought can really affect your goals.

If you have the information on your home page that tells the audience what you do, how you do it and why you are the best company for them, backing it up with a little trusted content about you as a company, with some quotes from satisfied customers on the page and easy ways to get in contact, then you’re halfway there.

Why not add a call to action guiding your potential customers to your ‘about us’ or ‘our team’ page for further exploration and easy contact details always prominent throughout the website.

The audience has all the information they need instantly so they don’t necessarily need to go anywhere else, do they?

I mentioned earlier about why having the right images or colours can aid your goals too.

An example with this goal, ‘to instil trust’, could again be used properly in your ‘our team’ or ‘about us’ page.

If a user is visiting this page, then they have probably thought your business is offering the right service and can see that you can deliver, but they now want to learn a little bit about you to see if they can trust you or work with you.

Did you know that the ‘about us’ or ‘our team’ page is one of the most visited pages on some websites?

By having images of your team, building, office, or place of work, it removes any barriers instantly. They can see you are not hiding anything and are already developing a picture of who you are and what you may be like to work with. You are giving your potential customers the ability to trust you.

The goal has been achieved with some simple text and pictures.

should you rebuild your website

4. Use your business goals to structure your website rebuild

These are a couple of fairly simple example goals, and there are many other more complex goals to consider. You may want to increase page visits to particular areas of your website, you may have products to push at different times of the year to increase sales in that period.

Give some thought as to what each and every goal is, work backwards and look at what you can do to aid the results. Should the menu be moved or changed? Are the pages in the right section? Do you have the relevant content at the top of the page? Give yourself a little time and don’t let anything be forgotten.

Each landing page needs to do its job. You may land on the home page and that is all you need, however, if you are running a campaign, or have different areas to your business, then you need well thought out landing pages with relevant content to promote a call to action for that product or service you are promoting.

We started this with the simple question – should you rebuild your website?

My answer is, now you have the facts to hand, if you want your website to do the job it is supposed to be doing for your business, then yes, absolutely… But only if you do it right.

And remember, your website can always work better for you and there are always things you can develop to get a better return.

Keep an eye on those analytics and constantly monitor your website to see if your goals are being met. Keep that content up and do what you can to improve your SEO and digital marketing.

Need help with a website rebuild?

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