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We have a comprehensive catalogue of brochure designs to suit many different markets. Together with our Colchester and Ipswich based print suppliers, we supply printed brochures from simple 6 page brochures and folders, to 200 page+ annual reports and catalogues in various sizes, shapes, paper weights and finishes. We can add spot UV varnishes, matt and gloss lamination, PUR bound brochures and much more.

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Beautiful Brochure Design

  • Great Design Isn’t Easy
    We started in Graphic Design before websites were the norm and have expert knowledge to know how to design for a market. Your message needs to catch the eye of your potential customer or client and stand out from everyone else.
  • Not Just Pretty Pictures
    Our designs are well-thought-out, message-leading designs, whose sole purpose is to capture attention and guide clients and customers to your website, shop or business.
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Professional Brochure Design Company

We are a well renowned brochure design company with over 19 years experience designing and printing professional brochures for our clients throughout the UK. We have produced a vast amount of brochures in our time and have received some amazing feedback on our work.

We fully understand the power brochures can bring to your business and create engaging designs to make your business stand out in a busy marketplace.

Why You need A Professional Business Brochure

Studies show that people’s attention spans with brochures are much higher than they are with websites. And whilst the rest of the world spend thousands on Google Ads and Facebook Advertising every month – you’ll be giving your potential customers something tangible they can keep hold of. Making them far less likely to forget who you are.

But the true value that comes with having a professional business brochure design for your company is the perception it gives customers about your business. Customers that see a professionally designed brochure will automatically know your business is legit. Because let’s face it, anyone can get a business website that looks professional. But companies who have used a cheap DIY brochure creation service will have a poorly designed and printed brochure that perfectly displays there low level of professionalism.

If you would like a professionally designed brochure that makes the right impression about your business, get in touch with our experts at Footsteps Design today. Call 01206 864441 now.

How We Design And Print Your Business Brochure

Our team are passionate about delivering brochures that work for your business. And so we always begin all brochure design projects with an initial meeting. At the meeting we will discuss everything you wish to achieve from your brochure and give you advice on the best route for you.

From there we will research into the ideas discussed at the meeting and take a look into the marketplace to determine the best course of action.

Brochure Design

Our brochure designers start off with a fresh sheet of paper and begin drawing out designs during the brainstorming period. These designs are then discussed with the project manager and marketing team. Once we decide on a solution that will best help you achieve the goals set out in the original meeting – we will start designing the brochure.

Our experienced graphics design team will design your brochure using the latest software from the Adobe suite. 

Brochure Design Approval

The next stage of our brochure design process is to send off the brochure to you for approval. This allows us to iron out any potential misunderstandings, or general things you would like to change. We offer expert advice, whilst still giving you full control over your brochure design.

Brochure Printing

We will then discuss your printing options to ensure you get a solution that best suits your business. From gloss to matt finishing and everything in between – we have the experience to know which paper finishes and density options are best suited for your particular needs. Once everything is agreed, we will send off your brochure for printing and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Let’s Talk About Your Business Brochure Design

If you’re looking to get a professional brochure design for your business, get in touch with our team today. We offer a free brochure design consultation service over the telephone on 01206 864441 to discuss your project and offer any free advice you may need. You can call up at any time and speak to a brochure design expert about your needs or alternatively you can submit your details into our form below and we will give you a call back.