Target and Build a
Social-Community for Business

There was a time when Facebook and Twitter existed solely to post social goings on amongst friends and keep in touch with family in far flung havens and destinations; in fact it still is and with the addition of Instagram, Pinterest and many more it continues to work very well. However, its use for your business in today’s digital world can, without question, add to your web presence and enhance your business profile. Whilst not ideal for all business genres, in some markets Social media and its advertising can touch markets you would never reach via your usual; tried and tested methods.

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Anyone can use Facebook and Twitter, but not Everybody can get it Right

  • Used Correctly Social Media can Enhance Your Business
    We set up and manage your networking presence through market-relevant and engaging posts and interaction with your clients. The end game is to deliver results to your business. With a carefully structured social media campaign you can target very specific markets and reap the rewards.
  • Choose Your Spend
    From a simple market presence on social media and keeping your account updated, to full social media strategy designed to entice and engage new potential customers/networking opportunities.
  • Target-Specific Advertising
    The little known gem of the Social media world is its advertising and promotional arm. For some businesses this is such an important tool. Pinpoint your area, market and customer, right down to the age, interests and gender – you’ll be surprised, and at a fraction of costs usually associated with advertising.

Social Media Marketing Essex

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help manage your social media – you’ve come to the right place. Social media marketing, when done correctly, can be a very powerful tool. There are reportedly 3 billion people actively using social media across the world and if you want to reach a percentage of those people, you need an experienced social media marketing agency’s help.

If your business is not currently active on social media, you’re missing out on one of the cheapest places to advertise in 2022. Social media is one of the best places to build brand awareness, humanise your brand and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Social media marketing can also benefit your website’s SEO through what are known as “social signals”. This will help you rank higher in the search engines and get more customers to your website.

Facebook Marketing

Many people try advertising on Facebook with little to no success because they do not fully understand how to advertise on the platform. Your targeting, advertising and offer needs to appeal to your audience’s interests. You can’t simply boost a post and hope for results. This is where many businesses go wrong and end up wasting a lot of money on Facebook. If you’d like a company to successfully advertise your business on Facebook, get in touch with Footsteps Design Ltd on the contact form below today.

Twitter Marketing

With over 300 million users, Twitter is a great place to reach new customers and grow your business. It is also one of the cheapest advertising platforms online in 2022.

Twitter allows you to engage with your customers and build long lasting relationships that could be extremely profitable for many years to come. We can help manage your business Twitter and give your business a social media presence to be proud of.

LinkedIn Marketing

Having a strong LinkedIn profile for your business is an absolute must if you’re in a B2B industry. Because with LinkedIn advertising, you can target your advertising based on the user’s industry, company size, and job title. And the best part? LinkedIn advertising is remarkably cheap for what you get. When you take into account the fact that you can target your ads to your exact customer – LinkedIn is most certainly a place to consider advertising.

YouTube Marketing

At Footsteps Design Ltd, YouTube marketing is our secret weapon. We use YouTube marketing on a daily basis to acquire leads at a remarkably low price. Because as of right now, not many agencies know how to do it. And so we are one of the only people out there who can actually get your ads in front of the right people on YouTube.

In fact, we have accounts where YouTube is bringing in leads at a quarter of the price of Google Ads! If you need help with your YouTube advertising, contact us today.

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