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If your website does not rank for your keywords in Google, Bing & Yahoo – your competitors could be taking literally hundreds of customers away from you.

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    SEO Colchester – The Easiest Way To Get Your Business Found Online

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    Organic keyword growth for our kitchen design customer in Essex

    All businesses need new customers to grow. And any successful business owner will tell you that SEO is by far the best way to find them.

    Because up to 81% of all customers search online when looking for a new product or service. The fact is, we’re well into the digital age and it doesn’t matter what you’re selling – your customers are looking for it online.

    If you really want to grow your business, get more customers and make more money – your website has to be easier to find than your competitors’

    There are customers right now that need what you’re selling. And the most likely reason they are doing business with your competitors instead of you – is because they can’t find you.

    SEO is the only way to reach customers that are ready to buy now

    The make or break factor behind every marketing campaign is the intentions behind the people you reach.

    It doesn’t matter how good your offer is, if people don’t want what you’re selling, or they aren’t ready to buy at that moment – they won’t.

    Take a look at the table below showing the types of advertising and the intentions people have when they see them.

    Method Intention Targeting?
    Billboards Not crashing into oncoming traffic None
    Train station ads Get where they’re going None
    Bus ads Get where they’re going None
    Radio ads Find a background noise when driving None
    Newspapers ads Learn about the news Topic of paper they buy
    TV ads Find entertainment Topic of the programme they watch
    Cold calling Not to get cold called Usually poorly targeted
    Facebook ads Find funny cat pictures Age, gender, location and interests
    SEO Find what they’re searching for People who are actively looking for what you sell

    Notice how SEO is the only way to reach targeted people whose intentions are to actually buy what you’re selling?

    Why search for new customers, when new customers are searching for you?

    A person who searches Google for “emergency plumbers” is a million times more likely to call the plumbers they find, than a kid (who has no money or interest in emergency plumbers) that saw a billboard or bus ad on his way to school.

    Plus when you stop paying for the billboards, train ads, bus ads etc. – Any results you were getting stop too.

    But with SEO, once it’s done it’s done. The whole process is about scaling the amount of visitors you get to your website. And not just paying money to maintain them.

    If your website is not dominating the search engines in 2022 and beyond – your business is fading off into obscurity. Hiring an experienced SEO agency is without doubt the best way to invest in the success of your business.

    Turn Your Website Into The Worlds Most Proactive Salesman

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    Organic traffic growth for our home appliance customer in Kent

    When websites get a lot of highly interested customers on them, they can literally perform like the worlds most proactive salesman. Because unlike hiring an experienced salesman (who by the way, would cost up to 4 times the amount you will spend on SEO), your website:

    • Finds you new customers 24/7
    • Never has time off for illness
    • Never wants “sick pay”
    • Can help unlimited customers at any given time
    • And never messes up your sales presentation – it’s always perfect!

    Sorry Mr. Salesman – you can’t compete with SEO in 2022.

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    The problem is, SEO is hard. And you need a lot of technical experience and coding knowledge to make a real difference.

    The good news is – you’ve come to the right place.

    We’ve been providing our customers with top Google rankings, high conversion rates and low bounce rates for over 10 years. And although a lot has changed in terms of the Google algorithms throughout that time – we are one of the only Colchester SEO companies that can truly say we’ve kept up.

    So if you want to rank higher in all the major search engines, get more customers and grow your business – get in touch with our team today.

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    I Want More Customers

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    James Brittain – Marketing Manager at Bentons Kitchens

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