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So a common question I get asked by start-ups is ‘should I bother with business flyers or should I stick all my marketing budget into SEO & Google Adwords?’

And I always love this question because I’ve got a real good answer…

Now more than ever, you should be distributing business flyers.

Why? Because people keep asking that question!

So many businesses are missing out on countless opportunity’s by putting all their budget into Google.

Not realising that they could be making a much better return on their marketing budget by simply investing in a place where there’s little competition.

It comes down to this – Why fight over one place that everybody is fighting over when there is another, cheaper, easier to get noticed and better place you can market?

Google is amazing. But, there is a great opportunity in flyers that few businesses have caught onto yet.

And here’s why…

When the internet first come along, all marketers agreed that it was much more cost effective to get a website up and running than it was to get business flyers designed and printed….

You simply built a website using what is now considered “dirty coding” (but was perfectly acceptable at the time).

Put in a bunch of keywords and you could genuinely get a fair amount of traffic from Google.

But with all the changes to the way Google works over the last few years, it has become a lot of work to get a website to rank well.

  • For starters, your website needs to be coded cleanly by a professional web developer.
  • It needs to be mobile friendly.
  • It has to have content that contains the key words you want to rank for, but not reference them too often (as there is a Google penalty for “over optimisation”).
  • You need to have a lot of backlinks to your website, but you’re not allowed to build them (as there is a google penalty for that too).

And so for a fair few industries you’re looking at monthly SEO contracts just to keep your name relevant.

There are some industries where it is easy to rank in google, simply because nobody else is trying to.

And if that’s the case, then you’re sorted.

But when you are in a more competitive industry, competing against people who have massive SEO budgets, you have two options:

  1. Pump more money into SEO and adwords than your competitors
  2. Market in another area where they aren’t

It’s like building a fast food restaurant on a road that already has a KFC, McDonnalds and a Burger King.

If that roads got 700 people walking down it per day and 300 of them are looking for food – there’s a good chance most of those people aren’t going to come to you.

But if you build on a road with no other competitors, and the same amount of hungry people looking for food – you’ve got pretty good odds of getting them to dine with you.

And the benefits go even further than that…

Benefit 1. Business flyers are cheap

If you compare flyers to just about any other form of advertising you will see they are one of the cheapest ways to get your business out there. Radio, TV, Billboards etc. all cost a fortune in comparison.

But most importantly, advances in modern technology has pushed the price of print down dramatically. Saving you a ton of money.

Benefit 2. People take notice

One of the great things about marketing with flyers is that the average person’s attention span is much higher when reading a flyer than reading a website.

They also have something tangible that they can physically hold. Meaning if they strike an interest in your company, they have a flyer they can keep to remind them of your business details – making great long-term business potential.

Benefit 3. Business perception

We all know about the online scams we are all warned of constantly. People claiming they are selling something until the money goes through and then you don’t hear from them again.

It’s great that the internet is anonymous but there is a genuine problem that some bad people out there will claim to be someone they’re not and claim to be selling something you never receive.

Which is something you have to take into account when building a website – you’ve always got to make sure people know you’re a legitimate business. But the fact is people are always going to be weary of online business.

And what makes flyers so effective is that when your business is giving them out, people know straight away you are a legit business.

They know you’re a real local business because you have just distributed a flyer to them.

And It’s pretty hard to do that if you are a scam artist who would prefer to stay anonymous.

I know I’m not the first marketer to say this…

I know that this might not exactly be new information.

If you read some of the top guys in the US you’ll know they’ve been banging on about this for a few months now.

But I’ve started to see more local businesses catching on and thought I’d share it with you guys who read my posts to help you get that competitive advantage before your competition catch on.

So click here, it’s going to scroll you down the page to a contact form where you can type in your details. We’ve been designing and printing business flyers for years so you don’t have to worry about anything and you can ask any questions you may have.

Speak to you soon.

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