Front End Developer and SEO

9yrs experience HTML/CSS/Mobile/Joomla/Wordpress

Dan works on bespoke design and website build, and SEO with particular knowledge of mobile optimisation. Joining us in 2015 he brought a bit of youth to the team. He keeps abreast of ‘all things new’ in the world of web design. As well as Joomla his excellent knowledge of Wordpress allows us to tackle any website, big or small. His expertise in mobile friendly sites allows us to excel in website design. Moving from the design side, the practices Dan puts into place for the SEO (search engine optimisation) makes it possible for customers and clients to find your website and in turn, bring you business.

In days gone by Dan was approaching the possibility of professional boxing, but unfortunately injury put paid to that (bad for him but good for us – every cloud). The interest never died and he pays a close interest to the sport, spending time with his Grandad to watch the big bouts. These days you’ll see Dan jamming on his ‘Waylon Jennings’ Fender Telecaster to some serious rock and the odd bit of country and western or heading out to as colder climate as he can explore.

Articles By Dan