When used properly Illustration is so much more than just an image to a customer. On our website we have used illustration in our team page. Because many people don’t like there photo taken an illustrator can take a photo you like and create an illustration form it. All the illustrations are in the same style and don’t require any special lighting, or studio. Backgrounds and unwanted elements can be removed. And of course an illustrator can create images from scratch requiring no original.

So while we love photography too here’s 5 reasons we love illustration

1. Bespoke illustrations are Unique to your project

When you commission an illustrator to create images for you, you will work together to agree a style and colour pallet. Unlike stock images you will have something entirely unique showing your customers that you care about your business. Unique images in a world of image overload can make your company stand out and sell better.

2. Illustrations emphasise your brand

When discussing the style of illustration you want, focus on your logo, brand colours and customer profile. Creating images that reinforce your brand and ‘speak’ to your customers will create a message that is tailored to who you are talking to.

3. Eye-catching Icons

Icons, weather bespoke or stock, create visual breaks and eye catchers on a page that can draw the readers’ attention and lead them through the content.

4. Illustration don’t date

O.K so like any art form there are vogue styles so ‘why wont my illustrations look dated?’ Because you will make the Illustrations part of brand it all becomes one message. This means this imagery will always look relevant within any branded media.

5. Budget – think about the long term

With the price of quality stock images photography coming down it’s often a budget decision to choose illustration over photographs. An OK stock photo will set you back about £10 while a high quality photo might cost £30+. Illustration are often priced by time so you may pay £50 per illustration. While this is a higher initial spend the additional branding can reap rewards for years.

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