Hidden Joomla Menus

Here’s a neat little feature Joomla 3.5.1 introduced (shout out to Steve for showing me this one) that should change the way menus are built in Joomla going forward.

How It Was – Hidden Joomla Menus

If you wanted to have a pretty URL for your pages in Joomla, but you didn’t want it to appear in your websites menu – you’d have to create a new menu.

Usually Joomla developers called this the “hidden menu“.

It wasn’t a big problem, although it did mean your URL’s wouldn’t always reflect the hierarchy of your webpage – which isn’t ideal.

The other issue was having multiple menus made it slightly harder to manage.

How It Is Now – Hidden Menu Items

Joomla 3.5.1 has introduced the ability to set whether or not the menu item displays on the website.

Keeping  everything that should be in one menu, in one menu.

How To Make A Hidden Menu Item

hidden menu item joomla

Note: Make sure your on at least version 3.5.1 of Joomla – that’s probably a given but I thought I’d mention it anyway…

  1. Find (or create) the menu item you would have usually put into the “hidden menu”.
  2. Select the “link type”
  3. Where it says “Display in Menu” select “No”

Do You Need To Change Over To Hidden Menu Items?

I don’t believe it’s a vital update but it is nice to.

As I said earlier, it’s easier to manage menu items if everything is in one place.

And having a lack of hierarchy in your URL’s could be a bit of an issue, when it comes to usability and how Google sees the page.

If you have a website already built, and the previous limitations wasn’t causing any issues – then there are defiantly better uses of your time.

However if you wasn’t keen on the URL’s lack of hierarchy then go ahead.

Lastly, if you are developing a Joomla website from scratch, this is how menu items should be made going forwards (in most cases of course).

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