Creative Director

25yrs experience HTML/CSS/Javascript/Joomla/Graphic Design/Web Design/Desktop Publishing

Steve is the ‘design’ side to Alex’s ‘management’ side. He brought the practical aspect to the launch of Footsteps back in 2000. Bringing all is wealth of design and programming experience to what would prove to be a formidable foundation to the Footsteps team.

Steve has a design degree, and a solid working design background within a multitude of design and programming software to produce all forms of promotion, brand and web projects. He has been heavily involved with the Essex Joomla group and the Joomla Day UK Team - providing technical advice and support to programmers across the UK. Steve is one of the top Joomla web designers in the country and has been using the CMS since 2006!

Steve has an amazing eye for detail and a wonderful knack to interpret an idea, listen to a client’s thoughts and bring the design into reality. These skills have enabled us to produce some stunning designs for our clients over the years. He has a keen interest in photography and has brought that ability and vision into many client projects along the way.

Steve is a big family man and enjoys spending his time with his wife and two girls. If he’s not going to dance recitals or gymnastics, then he’ll be dressed up as a horse off to find the magical kingdom with a 5year old on his back! When not in the office or with his children, you may see Steve on the Colchester Soup run as he has been involved in working with the homeless of Colchester for many years.

Articles By Steve