What is Web Database Integration

In the vast world of Big Data it is very easy to feel like your drowning in a sea of acronyms. As a result it can be very daunting when your web developer starts talking about web database integration.

In a nutshell what he is saying is that your website is ready to give your customers a more interactive experience. This can come in many guises from Journals and Blogs, through Calendars and Events, all the way up to Shopping and Ecommerce. These provide a rich user experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

As soon as you are using a database with your website we refer to it as a Web Application but it is not as simple as entering all your information in to a table and seeing what comes out the other end. There are many questions that will shape what data you want to use and what data you can use. You want to give your customers a fantastic experience but you need to know what information you can give them.

We are here to help you integrate your database in to your website. Most of the time we build websites using Joomla or WordPress, which already uses a database to provide posts and pages, menus and modules. There are a lot of plugins already out there, in particular we use WooCommerce and VirtueMart as eCommerce solutions, but everyone is different and they need something special to make their website amazing. This is where we can provide custom programming or even fully bespoke plugins to realise the most demanding requirements of our clients. We will make your database perfect.

There are many regulations to protect the data held on individuals but most people will have only heard of the General Data Protection Regulation, but the Data Protection Act 2018 supplements the GDPR and we would recommend seeking advice with regards to any data you are holding on your customers.

Now that sounds very scarey but there is a lot of information out there to help and guide you, and once you get passed that part then you can start build your amazing website. Ready for your customers to experience your passion, after all this is what your website is for.

Let us help you realise that Blog to connect all your friends, or build that Shop to let the world see what you are offering. We are here to help you bring your dreams to life and make Big Data a part of your life.

Give us a call today on 01206 864441 to discuss how web database integration can help your business.

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