Programming & Development

30yrs experience HTML/PHP/Javascript/Joomla/Databases/Servers

James was recruited in 2013, enabling Footsteps to grow and continue to provide the high-level websites we offer today.

As technology advances so do the systems and the programming required to get the very best out of them. It is essential that we have a member of the team who understands the software intricacies and the very core of how these engines work.

James provides the bespoke programming side to Footsteps with extensive knowledge of database, software, server, security and IT platforms. His background is engineering, hardware and software and provides the technical advice and know-how to ensure all projects are built on a secure and workable base.

James has been nicknamed by a client of ours as the ‘Maestro of Joomla’ for his impressively deep knowledge of Joomla programming - and we all agree, it's a very well suited name!

When not in the office you will find James relaxing as far away from screens as possible, with an affinity to the countryside and a great love of animals.

If in his home workshop, he’ll be designing and building something out of nothing; from robots to drums, bracelets to clocks. We tend not to leave anything lying around in the office for fear of it becoming part of his next invention. He volunteers every other week at the Colchester Zoo and is loved by many of the animals – particularly the Leemas. Some say he even speaks Leema. He spends his holidays with his wife in the south West as often as possible and preferably without internet.

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