Plumbing Website Tips

Your plumbing website needs to generate leads. And if it isn’t, you’re losing out on a ton of business.

The problem is, there are many web design companies out there who build plumbing websites but don’t specialise in them. Resulting in websites that don’t get found online and don’t convert visitors into customers.

This guide is going to teach you everything you need to know about designing a plumbing website that really generates your business new leads and win you customers for a lifetime.

Create Service Pages For All Your Main Services

The main priority of a search engine is to serve the searchers with content that will help them solve whatever their problem is.

And so simply creating a website that says you do plumbing is not going to solve most of the issues people are searching for.

Always make sure to create a unique landing page for each service you provide. They will bring you in more traffic and win you more customers.

Visitors of your website will love the fact that you have a page dedicated to the problem they’re experiencing and explains how you can help solve it for them.

Create Location Targeted Pages Throughout Your Service Area

location targeted pages

One of the most overlooked aspects of plumbing SEO is location targeted pages.

Your plumbing website should have a page for all of the main locations you serve. This gives you the ability to appear in the search engines for a wider variety of location-based searches.

And the search engines love them! Because you are giving the search engines a direct indication that you can offer the services that the people in this area are looking for.

These pages should have no less than 300 words (but the more the better) and should individually target each of the locations your plumbing company is able to serve.

Location pages will often be the most popular web pages on your site, so if you really want to rank locally for your plumbing services – you do not want to miss this step out.

Add Customer Reviews With Schema Mark Up

5 star schema markup

Anytime you get a positive review about your plumbing services, make sure you add it to your website.

If reviews do not come naturally, ask your customers for them. I cannot overstate the importance of having positive customer reviews on your website.

This is because of a cognitive bias called “social proof tenancy”. Which basically means that when humans don’t know what decision to make, they will often copy what others do. And so by utilising the social proof tenancy, you can help new customers realise that others have already used your services and had a great experience.

And the best part is – these reviews can even increase your click through rate on Google when coded correctly.

This is done by using something called schema markup, and actually allows your listing in Google to show the number of reviews underneath it. So if your page has 10 reviews on it and they’re all 5-star, it will show that in the SERPs!

Use Real Custom Imagery

real custom imagery

Where you can, always go for real images over stock photography.

Stock photography can get the job done quickly and still win new customers, but the conversion rates will be lower.

This is because stock photography is easily identified. It gives a clear message to your customers that the images aren’t really of your business.

It’s like saying “this is who we wish we were, but we aren’t – so we won’t show you”

And in 2022, there’s really no excuse for it. Your smartphone is easily good enough to capture images that are web quality.

So make sure you include a lot of real images on your company’s plumbing website.

Create An Our Team Page

On a similar note to the point above, your plumbing website needs to have and our team page.

Because the truth is – people buy from people. And whether we like it or not, people judge people based on their appearance.

So create an our team page that shows all of your plumbers looking friendly and trustworthy.

One of the biggest obstacles your plumbing company needs to overcome online is trust. And our team pages are a great way of doing that.

Companies that track their website visitors journey will know that most people will click on the our team page to look at who they will be working with before getting in touch.

If you don’t have an our team page, it can make you look like you aren’t a real company.

And if you don’t have a team and are working as an independent plumber, then create an about me page.

These pages don’t have to have ultra in-depth content. They just need to talk about the individual’s expertise in plumbing, show they are trustworthy and include something that makes them relatable.

List All Awards And Accreditations

awards and accreditations

All homeowners are scared about getting a plumber who doesn’t know what they are doing in their home. Help to remove this doubt by showing your accreditations and awards.

Show the CIPHE logo on every page of your website along with the gas safe registered logo. The more accreditations your company has the better.

Include A Clear Call To Action On Every Page

Don’t make it hard on your website visitors to contact you. Have a clear call to action on every single page that is easy to use.

Make your phone number prominent in your web design and ensure you have a contact form that only requires the essential details for you to follow up with the lead. Don’t ask for any unnecessary information, as this will harm your conversion rate.

On mobile phones you should include a click to call button in a fixed position so website visitors on mobile can click a button and get straight through to your phone line.

Ensure Your Website Looks Professional

Make sure your website design properly reflects the professionalism of your company.

Include your company logo, name, address and email address on your website to show customers you are a real and professional company.

Optimise For Mobile Phones

responsive plumber website

Now more than ever your website needs to render perfectly on mobile phones.

This is especially true in the plumbing industry, as the majority of people searching for your services will be on a mobile phone.

Having a website that is not coded to work on mobile phones will lose you a lot of new business.

Ensure that your website’s mobile phone usage is as good as your desktop usage.

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