Negative Keywords

What are Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords allow you to stop your google adverts showing up for certain words.

But why on earth would you want to do that? Surely you want your adverts all over the place, right?


Let’s say your advertising your plumbing services. What sort of people would you like to see that advert? Most likely you’d want people looking for plumbing services – that’s what you’d be happy to pay for.

But what if someone looking for plumbing apprenticeships saw your ad and clicked on it? How about someone looking for plumbing DIY tips? Would you like to spend money on that?

And this is where most companies go wrong.

If you don’t have negative keywords properly set up, you could be wasting most of your budget on clicks you don’t want.

In this article I am going to assume you have a basic level understanding of google adwords, if you do not you would be best to read through this first and come back here after.

How to find negative keywords

If your campaign has been running for a while and you’ve been getting clicks, you definitely want to see what they come in from.

If you see that their search term was irrelevant – you’ve found a negative keyword.

To do this go to your keywords tab and find a keyword that has recieved clicks. Select the checkbox on the left for this keyword and click on the button above that says “Search terms”.

This will show you exactly what they typed in, and more importantly – what you paid for, for them to find your advert.

But that’s not the only way to get negative keywords

You also want to think of a list of terms you don’t want to appear for in the future (this is a great preventative measure).

For example, a plumber may not want to appear for terms like:

  • Apprenticeship
  • Intern
  • Course
  • How To
  • Become a
  • Career
  • Job
  • Lessons
  • DIY
  • Free
  • Cheap
  • And so on…

How to add Negative Keywords

You can add negative keywords to campaigns or ad groups so first decide if you want to exclude these words from every thing inside a campaign or just an ad group.

Once you have figured out where you want to add the negative keywords to, click on “keywords” and then go to “negative keywords”.

From there you will see you have two options, either add them to the ad group level or the campaign level.

Press the red “+ KEYWORDS” button and add in negative keywords accordingly.

Closing words

Adding negative keywords also has other benefits, other than just not paying for visitors you don’t want.

The more relevant your ads are the higher your click through rate will be. Having a low click through rate results in a low quality score. This means you would have to pay more for each click.

By taking these precautions you will save money and only pay for the people you want to find.

If you need help implementing any of the techniques discussed in this article, or you just want a professional to make your campaigns more efficient, don’t hesitate in getting in contact today.

Thanks for reading.

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