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What is Mobile Web Design? Well if you’ve been looking around the internet on your mobile phone you may have noticed that some websites work nicely, whilst others leave you scrolling all over the place.

Maybe you have a website currently that doesn’t work very well on your mobile phone.

If that sounds like you, you definitely need to hear what I have to say

From as far back as April 2015 (and forever onwards) it is absolutely vital that your website works properly on mobile phones.

That’s a fact. Here’s why…

Reason one – Your website will gain more visitors

As of 21/4/2015, the most popular search engine in this country (Google) started including whether or not a website is mobile friendly as a ranking factor.

This means that if your competitors website is mobile friendly and yours is not – they will have an automatic advantage over you (in terms of how Google ranks websites).

If you keep tabs on your Google ranking and website traffic, you will likely have seen a decrease in traffic as of that date.

This is because mobile friendly websites are much more likely to rank well then non-mobile friendly ones.

Reason two – Your clients love mobile web design

Having a mobile friendly website allows visitors to browse your website easily without any of the frustrations of scrolling from left to right.

Having to do so often results in potential customers clicking back and finding another website.

As the majority of websites people visit on their phones are mobile friendly, when they find one that isn’t – it doesn’t make a very good impression.

Reason three – It doesn’t always mean rebuilding the website

Mobile web design is a vital update and caused a massive stir in the web design industry.

But it doesn’t always mean you have to start from scratch.

I’ve lost count of the amount of websites I’ve turned responsive over the last 5 years and more often than not, it hasn’t meant rebuilding the site from scratch.

Reason four – I’m really good at it

Not trying to brag (too much) but in fact, I got this job because of how good I am at it.

Of course, it’s not all I’m good for. But for the first year or so working at Footsteps Design I’d say a good 70% of my work was turning non-responsive websites responsive.

And having so much experience in mobile web design means I’m much faster and have a much better understanding than the average web designer.

There’s making a website “work on mobile” and then there is making it properly mobile friendly.

It’s all about focusing on what the visitor wants and making sure they get it, without any hassle.

So can you afford not to?

Now you know why everyone says you need your website to be mobile friendly.

You know that you’re losing out to your competitors and making it hard on your loyal customers if you don’t…

So do your business a favour and act now before it’s too late.

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