Today we’re going to look at installing a fresh copy of Joomla! 4 onto a clean server.

Now these days, most hosting will allow you to install an application and do it all for you, but we’re going to look at using FTP and installing it manually.

Before We Get Started

To help us do this, we have already downloaded the zip file for Joomla 4.1.4. On our hosting we’ve created a MySQL database and we’ve recorded the username, the database name and the password.

Uploading Joomla 4 Via FTP

We have also uploaded the zip file via ftp onto the server. The reason why we do this is it’s usually quicker to extract a zip archive on your hosting, than it is to upload the individual files.

Running The Joomla Installer

Now that we have uploaded the Joomla! archive and extracted the files, when we browse to the website it will automatically start the installation process.

Starting the joomla installation process

The first thing we do is to select which language we want to install in and then we need to give it a site name.

We then click set up login data to go to the next page – where it asks for the user details.

setup database connection in joomla installer

We click this “setup database connection”, we enter the details that we recorded earlier on and now we install it.

If Everything Is Installed Correctly…

If everything is installed correctly, we will get this message here:

Congratulations Joomla install message

Where we can install additional languages, it is showing us a display error for actually set on, this we can ignore, although on production sites we recommend making sure this is turned off.

Now we can open the site or open the administrator.

If we go to the site first, here we can see a standard Joomla website on Joomla 4 as it starts off.

Joomla 4 default website

Now log into the back end, use the details that we used to set it up with and there we go! That is how easy it is to install Joomla! 4.

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