We all know that exhibition stands are a great way to aid our marketing goals. But even the most stunning exhibition stand will fail without a great team of event staff to run it.

We’ve helped lots of companies get set up with exhibition stands in Colchester and the number one reason I see people struggling at shows is lack of preparation.

So I thought it’d be a good idea to share the keys to a successful exhibition stand:

#1 Ensure everyone knows the plan

Exhibition stands can be a lot of fun, but let’s remember why you’re there. It is absolutely vital your event team understand your goals. This will increase the amount of conversations your staff will have with visitors that align with those goals. It will also help your staff decide which leads are best to follow up on.

So make sure everything is crystal clear from the off.

Provide your event team with a written brief 2 weeks before the event for them to study and then give a pre-event on-stage brief to refresh their minds and get them pumped for the day.

#2 Engage, then listen

People love to feel like they are understood, so it is important that your staff listen to what each individual has to say and provide a unique response to that person.

Doing so will help us understand how to best serve that person and will help keep the conversations on-topic and snappy.

Following up with a relevant question allows you to show you really get what they’re saying and gives you the opportunity to explain how your company can help with their specific situation.

#3 Be the sort of stand you would approach

One of the best way to get people to approach your stand is to have great body language. Greet visitors with a smile, and always be polite.

You want to ensure you are friendly and approachable throughout the whole day to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunity’s.

Holding private conversations in front of visitors is a great way to give off the impression that you are not happy to help. So avoid it where you can.

Another thing I see a lot of event stand staff doing is eating on stand. This will make you look unapproachable and unprofessional.

#4 Dress the part

Just because your staff aren’t in their normal work place, that shouldn’t mean it is a non-uniform day.

Remember, before anyone approaches your business, first and foremost they will judge you based on the way you look. So you should dress as professionally as your business is.

If applicable, consider wearing matching polo shirts with your company branding on.

#5 Have regular breaks

Make sure your staff are taking regular breaks to keep the motivation levels up. As you know, running an exhibition stand is tiring work and its easy for event staff to burn out early if they’re not taking regular breaks to recover.

A tired team is an unengaged team. Ensure all staff have long lunch breaks and regular coffee breaks to help them re-motivate.

Closing comments

At the end of the day make sure to debrief your staff, so that they can share ideas on what worked well and what didn’t work too well.

This helps everyone to improve for the next event.

Remember – It’s important to learn from your own mistakes…

But it’s even more important to learn from other peoples mistakes.

So there you have it. The 5 keys to running a successful exhibition stand. Keep these in mind during the preparations for your next event and you’re more than likely to stand well out from the other stands.

Good luck!

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