Streamlining your business

Be it a website business, graphic design studio, limited, sole trader or partnership; every business will come with its own set of administration, budgeting and finance controls.

The fundamental to a smooth-running design studio is freeing up the time for the team to work on what they are good at; design, marketing and branding. They need to be able to have faith in invoices being raised in a timely fashion, VAT and Tax up to date and paid on time, suppliers paid and monitored to ensure they are in keeping with planned budgeting control and general upkeep of office supplies, computer software, hardware and telecommunications.

It’s surprising how quick all that can get on top of you and have detriment to a business if not streamlined and managed to allow quick access from a manager or director to see where the business sits at any given moment and what projections it may have.

This can affect staffing, wages, business direction and in fact most general decisions made by a director of his or her business. Just as there is a clear understanding in the approach to a design project for web, digital or print, there must also be clarity in your business model from the ground up including the all-important accounts and finance.

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