Tiny MCE is good but JCE is better. Simply put, there’s a couple of reasons why I would always put JCE in. Even in the extended view, JCE has more items than Tiny MCE. But more important than that – if we want to add an image, we click the image icon and I’m going to need to type in the source of that image. That for me is a game changer. I’m going to show you how to install JCE – how the file browser in JCE makes not knowing the source URL unimportant and then many other reasons why JCE is a great plugin.

Let’s install JCE. We’re going to go to system, then extensions and we’re going to do this via the install from web. We’ll just do a quick search for JCE and you can see here it’s got a great rating. Click on that, click install, click the confirm install and JCE is installed. We do have to tell Joomla! to use JCE, so if we go to system, global configuration and then in default editor, we’ll set that to JCE. Now if we go back to our article you’ll see we have a greater number of options. But just to complete my argument, if we go and add in an image, we now have a complete file browser.

We can browse images that have already been uploaded and we can also upload images. We can also choose which folder or make a new folder for these images will go into. If I go to home, create a new folder, upload, I can insert that. Let’s have a look at a couple of other things about images. I’ll try uploading another type of image. This image is too big. There are settings where we can decide how big an image we would like people to upload, but in this case, I’m going to resize that image because I think one meg is enough. Let’s reinsert this image, but let’s change the size – we’ll make that 300 pixels. I’m leaving proportion on so when I click in this box, it becomes proportionate to the width I’ve set. So that’s nice, but I’d like the text to wrap around it.

Let’s move the image up before the lorem ipsum and then in the image, we’ll say left. Not too bad, but it would be good if we had some space around it – let’s put 10 pixels of space. Now I’ve got equalize on, so when I click in here, these are greyed out and they all equal this one. Click update, save and refresh. Okay you might be happy with that – I would like the left hand edge to line up. I’m going to go back in and I’m going to set equalized off. I’m going to put the left hand edge to zero and update – save again and refresh. Now it lines up quite nicely.

However, what I don’t like is that this title is now wrapping around the image as well. I could put space in here, but on different size devices like a phone versus a desktop, the break points are all going to be different. Rather than trying to guess with spaces – let’s go in back into the image, go over here to the clear, and clear right. Now if I save that, what happens is after this paragraph, it then clears right. So this text ends up underneath. I think that looks a lot better.

In my next video we’ll look at more features of JCE in Joomla! 4.

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