Website Photography

It’s taken for granted that we will use images in a web design. No one wants to see a ‘wall’ of text. But choosing the correct photo can make the difference. Here’s 4 guidelines we like to apply when working with website photography.

1. ‘Real’ images of products, services and premises reinforce trust

Customers respond to ‘real’ images, especially when it’s illustrating what they are buying. A photo of your product is better than a stock photo of something similar because your telling the truth and not misleading. Take time to get it right. Ideally use professional or experienced amateur photographer. They are looking for things you probably don’t see. Plan the ‘shoot’ so that all the element will be in place, staff, products etc. Does the area you are using have good light? is it clean and tidy? A photo-shoot is 90% preparation.

2. Consistent Website Photography styles make for a more ‘on brand’ design.

If you’re mixing your own photographs with stock photography or using solely stock. You will quickly recognise that photographers use many different styles. Short depth if field, motion blur, or flash can dramatically effect the end result and mixing these styles can be jarring on the eye. Choosing a style for all your images and sticking to it will enhance and become part of your brand identity.

3. Image quality, both file size and photograph, skill can make or break a design

If your using your own photographs ensure the image quality is good. A good camera well used can take a great image, a photo taken on a smart phone without thought will usually be disappointing. Try to avoid using images you have uploaded to another website (Facebook, Instagram etc.) these are often reduced and cropped, use the original and crop it for the specific project.

4. Consider colour – images can reflect your branding

Not a hard and fast rule, but it is word considering. The technique is to echo brand colours in images. It can be a subtle way to reinforce branding. This could be simply choosing images with certain colours in or isolating a colour in a black and white photo.

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