A website where design was paramount. Allowing the flower displays themselves to do the talking, relying heavily on fantastic imagery and a backdrop creating a feeling of space and serenity to the beautiful displays.

We devised a system where both the user and the website were able to decipher the perfect delivery time between both fresh and faux flowers.

Because the flowers are sold on one particular day and then also delivered on one particular day, due to the perishable aspect of the product, it was paramount the system knew the difference between the fresh and the faux part of the customers order, with the faux side ensuring it was delivered within 48 hours of delivery whilst the fresh side was delivered on the perfect day to suit the freshest possible delivery.

Added to that, depending on the type of delivery and where it was being delivered, we were able to devise what courier the site would choose to ensure maximum cost benefit to both the customer and the Suffolk Nest.

The website, built in WordPress, has unique password-protected video tutorials for customers to view how to put the displays together once they have purchased the flowers. These are only available behind a secure log-in which are automatically sent on purchase of the displays, with a link to the tutorial and a unique password.

A great project to work on which shows how WooCommerce can be taken to another level.