It’s difficult to envisage a decent looking design to a website about traffic management. I mean roads, traffic jams and road works are not always the most inspiring images!

Built in WordPress, we have created a dynamic looking website with a heavy emphasis on lead generation. Allowing the potential customers to easily access the information they need and most importantly; encourage a response.

We have multiple calls to action throughout the website and at strategic points on each and every page, and the response has been great for our clients generating a great deal of new contracts since the websites’ launch.

It is so important to think of the user. The visitors to the website and how they would view it. How they would search. What would trigger a response.

The important part of any website development is to start with the visitor and work backwards to the design and framework of the website. Each type of business or organisation will have its own audience. Recognising that and speaking to them is paramount.