ecommerce web design
ecommerce web design
ecommerce web design

A vast ecommerce website with multiple bespoke programming calculations required to deliver a seamless process for the Safe Tread customers. Can you see these? No. That’s the beauty of an ecommerce website, making sure it looks good, feels simple and is easy to use for the end user. Multiple delivery options, size, quantity and interchangeable product options, mobile and tablet optimised design to make use of the best way to sell on these platforms, not just ‘made for mobile’ but deigned correctly for mobile. Design is paramount, and we have made use of space, colour and correct positioning of the ‘call to action’ areas, as is the advice of Googles ‘buying’ recommendations when putting together an online shop.

Not just ‘made for mobile’ but designed correctly for mobile.

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Approached as Joomla specialists who have the ability to integrate CMS software (website content management) into company databases, we quickly went to work to produce a website promoting one of the retail arms of the Sui Generis organisation. Meeting with the clients to establish the website focus and how the existing database processes and systems worked we were able to program a website to meet both staff and customer requirements.ecommerce website design

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We organised secure hosting and migration of the website, advising on best practice, ensuring as little downtime as was achievable, in both the development and the live website. These development websites in place as a mirror image to enable the company to trial areas and code changes before making them ready for public use. With a sound established working relationship, we continue to provide monthly management of security, website updates and new project work initiated by the Sui Generis Marketing team, as well as being on hand for any advice, help and implementation of any new ideas.

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