We were approached by MacePlast to look at their current website, managed in Italy as part of a worldwide group with generic websites dependant on their trading country, and advise on the best way to improve customer sales.

The website was built in Joomla with various extensions running to aid functionality. After carrying out an audit, we noted Joomla itself was very out of date, along with the PHP and many extensions, some not being used or even needed.

The website was running really slow, and it was proving very hard to open pages and find products, and as a result customers were choosing to not use the website at all.

In fact, the sales team even said that they couldn’t use the website as a source to discuss products with clients who called, as it was simply too hard to get the client to actually view a product page due to the time the pages were taking to load.

As a result, the sales team themselves had even stopped using the website as a sales tool!

The initial project then, consisted of an update to all the core code, PHP and extensions, removing those unnecessary and adding or changing ones we knew would work better and therefore aid the site. As part of this process, we obtained management of the hosting for the website, choosing a hosting environment to ensure the website and general page loads were much quicker.

This was followed by a planned structure to the design to allow the website users to find the products they required and to push the all-important ‘call-to-action’ from MacePlast’s potential customers.

We also wanted to ensure the website became a working sales tool for the MacePlast team, which is what any sales website should do.

We overhauled specific areas on the website to allow for much better navigation, looking at the menu, images sizes and page structure, meaning customers could find the products they needed easily.


We added cross-specific links to similar products and ‘call to action’ prompts where needed. Including the addition of a simple chat feature to encourage lead generation.

Whilst adhering to highly structured set of brand group guidelines, we were able to develop enough changes to make the site unique to the UK market.

With these simple design tweaks to colours, shapes, content positioning and links we allowed for a more coherent website and as a result greatly improve customer sales with the returns noticed within months of going live with the changes.

“Good afternoon, hope you are keeping well. We had a gem of an enquiry through the chat feature, so it’s already proved to be a success “

Janine General Manager

It proves that by making these experienced and well thought through changes to an already existing website it can greatly improve your return on investment.

You don’t always need a brand-new Joomla website to be successful. Sometimes it’s worth speaking to us about how things can be improved with what you already have…