International Aluminium approached to us with brief to develop a new website to properly display the organisation to its many users.

The focus was to allow a worldwide visitor base from within the Aluminium sector itself, together with journalists and statisticians to access a website as a one-stop-resource for up to the minute information on all things Aluminium.

It had to be cutting edge design, easy to use and easy to administrate. Design developed with particular thought for the site to be viewed in all the various devices and screen sizes.

It needed a robust resources area for users to access and download readily available information, documents and images. It promotes worldwide events and access to the other areas of the organisation in recycling, health and explanations on the various uses for aluminium.

The main stay of the project is a fully bespoke ‘LIVE’ statistics area that displays a multitude of statistics in many different ways for the website users to access the information they require without any fuss. With the ability to download live documentation tailored to their specific statistics choices.

The design needed to be clean, clear and concise. Modern, but with little fuss. It had to follow strict brand guidelines in colour, font and accessibility and represent the ethos behind the organisation.

The website, whilst vast, needed to be easy to navigate, so the users can find the information they require in a coherent manner.

The website needed to promote areas site visitors perhaps wouldn’t have initially searched for, allowing users to learn more about what would be relevant to them.

Because the website is so vast and the information so large, particular attention was needed to the page speed and loading of the website, ensuring access was smooth and the information was available quickly.

This also applied to the loading of the information to the back end administration, with a fully bespoke user administration to allow full manipulation of the statistics and document uploads.

All developed on a WordPress platform that allows for the usual easy user administration to the basic website pages as is expected from a CMS website.