A WooCommerce website that links into a live Euronics stock database, live individual manufactures stock databases, has its own stock database and pushes live sales information through to Revoo.

These automated API’s allow for simple site administration meaning much less manual task administration hours for the user.

The back-end of the website is easy to administer in all areas; from manual stock control and pricing to adding products and promotions.

It offers finance options, specific delivery areas and stock information to the customer. All programmed into the system.

Options for installation, recycling and take away service. This not only benefits the customer, but also gives Herne Bay Domestics so much more they can offer and controls the area in which they want to promote.

A comprehensive repair side, suitably optimised for Google, furthers the business opportunities for Herne Bay, whilst very much keeping with a local retailer ethos to give the customers fantastic after sales service.

The site itself is easy to navigate, with a simple drop-down appliance menu, to the point customer information (Free Delivery/Finance options/Price Match) and call to actions for promotions. All above the fold to ensure less scroll.

In a competitive market, the website allows for the all-important Google friendly information to be placed without making the site look over cluttered, only there if a customer wishes to view, but more to help the website move up the search rankings.