A simple to use ecommerce website for both the customers (in ordering food) and the company in keeping up to date with orders, payments, deliveries and stock – important with fresh food!

Feast wanted a vibrant, ‘mouth-watering’ website to showcase their food, both on desktop and mobile alike. It needed to be a cost-effective website whilst ticking all the boxes an ecommerce website needs.

A structured ordering system for multiple types of sandwiches, salads bowls, wraps and snacks. With fillings, dietary requirements, payments and pick up or delivery – including a ‘design-your-own’ section.

It needed stock control and cut off points for ordering to ensure no oversales or disappointment on delivery. It had to work with a decent payment gateway and most importantly, be a cost-effective option, not an over-expensive commerce platform.

The result is a colourful, easy-to-use catering website that just might make you think about ordering a BLT or a Humous & Red Pepper Sandwich for your lunch!