This website is the second design and development for Dylan IT, following the success of the original website built over 10 years ago when Dylan IT launched their business with us here in the UK.

At that time, we were heavily involved in the content writing, website structure and design, enabling Dylan IT to launch their business after running a successful IT business in Australia for some years.

Dylan needed guidance on how to let new customers know what he did and how good he was at it. The result was an eye-catching website that drew in a great deal of new business.

Due to the success and growth of the business, Dylan IT needed to reflect that in this new website, moving from a largely domestic market to a commercial one, and pitching to a wider audience.

The IT industry is a competitive one, and it’s often difficult to explain all that is involved in layman’s terms to your market. Dylan asked us to again be involved in the site structure and content to ensure the user experience (UX) was a good one and that the right message was received.

He wanted to build on the success of the first website and take the business to a new level.

We went through an initial briefing/consultancy stage to understand which areas were the most lucrative to Dylan and which were the best areas to promote within the business. From there we created a structure and a balance to make sure the content was readily available, and the CTA’s (Call to actions) worked well and promoted a response.

Dylan had an idea of a design style, with an illustration theme, but needed our expertise and guidance in how to make that idea work in a practical website.

There was (and is) a specific market to aim for and Dylan wanted to shout to that market. He wanted to let business with up to 100 employees know that Dylan IT was ‘without doubt’ the best place to come for ‘all things IT’.

The design has taken a very ‘flat’ design. Simple and to the point with primary colours making it easy on the eye.

Because there is so much information, we needed to soften this barrage of content and ensure there were easy ways to contact for what the user needed.

You don’t want to spend ages trying to find the information you need. You want to:

Open a page > See what you need > See why you need it > Contact Dylan IT

The website benefits from:

  • A fixed menu allowing you to scroll the page and have the option to go to other parts of the website
  • Call to Action buttons, banners and prompts to promote customer response
  • Pop up forms to encourage easy response for new business
  • Simple sales text giving bullet point information to allow the user to see what they want instantly
  • A suggestion of an offer ‘FREE’. Users like Free things. Here they get a Free appraisal and 3 months Free IT. IT has to be worth exploring
  • The side bar (right) allows for USP’s, Sales points and Testimonials from happy clients.
  • Trust comes not only in a crisps design and easy to use site, but also with a proven solid customer base. This is displayed with logos on the home page and an extensive ‘Our customers’ page. This has been built to allow case studies to be added as and when required to create more content.

We’re happy with the latest website instalment for Dylan It and look forward to the next one in another 5-10 years as we continue to support Dylan It.