This website is vast due to the nature of how many products and products within products Coolair has to offer specific to a wide range of vehicles. Our brief was to make this all easily accessible, whilst also coming up with a design relevant to a design-conscious market.

It had to be great on the eye, easy to navigate and a little bit different, whilst all working with a Live database and CRM shopping system.

A special touch being that the customers would create a profile of their VW or VW’s and allow the site to remember their vehicles and show only the relevant products when logged in.

As well as the product side, the site needed to have personality and display key information to a customer base that is ‘hobby-specific’. Their vehicles are their hobby, buying parts from Coolair and also engaging in a Coolair community.

The Coolair team wanted an avenue to share relevant VW expertise with their customer base, to give more substance to the website, via well-written guides, blogs, substantial VW information as well as key information on the latest VW event.

This meaning that the website is more than just a parts shop.

From a user/customer point of view it acts as the one place to go for ‘All-things-VW’ and from a business point of view it brings relevant content to the website which Google loves to see, helping push the site up the search rankings.

We continue to work with the Coolair team on the promotion of their website with an active social media campaign, blog creation, email campaigns, competitions and more…