We were approached by Ark Agriculture to revamp a very old website and promote new products and services to a current customer base, who didn’t know that some of them existed, as well as to potential new customers.

Many of Ark’s products are intertwined, so we had to work out the best way to present the end user with this information in order to build on sales.

As well as that, lots of clients were not aware of very relevant products over and above what they already purchased from Ark unless pointed out by their account manager, resulting in lost sales. As part of the site structure, the marketing team wanted to break this.

There are many different types of visitors to the Ark website, whilst some would be coming for various products, others would be looking at vast project builds (such as the Silage Clamps) so their information needed to be displayed in a very different way.

In essence, there are a lot of facets to the business and services offered by Ark, and in the past, they had found it difficult to display these in a website to their customers and wanted a clean, clear way to do that without an over complicated menu and navigational headache.

We worked together with the marketing team to Wireframe the website and really understand each product and service as well as what each customer would need and perhaps want from Ark.

The website had to be very quick to access information, as the users would not want to spend too much time there, trying to find what they wanted. At the same time, it needed to promote contact with the sales team to quickly establish what the customer needed.

The result is a well-balanced, easy on the eye, website.

It has a very user-friendly, two-tiered menu, with clear headings and drop downs for the customer needs. One for products and services, the other for company information and contact details.

The access to parts of the menu is again replicated via ‘Call-to-Action’ areas in boxes on the home page.

This allows users who do not necessarily navigate via a menu system to find the information they want with a simple scroll and click, with strong buttons as call to actions.

Within the pages themselves, we have included:

  • Related content, to promote the other relevant products to the customers, so they can quickly see what Ark has to offer.
  • Videos, tables, and FAQ’s specific to the products or services to quickly answer anything whilst on the page, so as not to click away.
  • Additional galleries to promote the products quickly.
  • Testimonials and further case studies to drive home the trust and show how the products are working for their existing customers.
  • Blogs and News broken down relevant to the customer

The site programmed to have all these areas easily added, where relevant, to any page by the marketing team themselves via the content management system.