Are trying to find a Digital Marketing Agency in Colchester who can help you grow your business’s online presence? Great! Because you’ve come to the right place. At Footsteps Design, we achieve your online success through a variety of efforts, including:

Search Engine Optimisation: The right phrases and background programming used throughout your website to ensure your website is performing well within the free search listings. Site Audits: Websites built with structured, search-engine friendly code give your website the best chance in the search rankings. We take a look at your website to give it the best chance in your marketplace. Google Adwords: Our Colchester-based digital marketing team will create targeted Google marketing campaigns designed solely to bring customers to your website. Google Remarketing: Fantastic banner ads displayed at the top side or throughout other websites that subtly follow your clients around – they’ll think you advertise everywhere!

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Get Free Visitors Through Google

  • SEO - The Basics Are Included As Standard
    Titles, headings (H1, H2), market-based described images (alt tags), correctly written content advice. All designed to get your website to the top of the page.
  • Longevity Of Your Website
    Search-engine friendly web design and programming give your website the best chance in the search rankings and builds on its ranking daily.
  • Website Audits
    We can look at your website and advise on the best way to start you moving to the Google Page 1 slot. On-site link distribution, keyword focusing do you have these?
  • Is it Relevant?
    The content on your site should not only inspire your clients to react, but be relevant to your business. Google loves relevant websites.
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Google Adwords: How Much Do You Want To Pay for Your Clients?

  • Highly Targeted Ads
    We design ads specific to the area/product we are promoting. This means we design the phrase, the ad and the landing page to ensure business for you.
  • Well Researched Key Phrases
    Properly placed market-centric phrases designed to bring customers to the vital pages on your website. The webpage must represent the Google ad.
  • Real Feedback Less Reports
    Real people with real advertising knowledge deal with your campaigns. We’re not about report writing, we expect two way feedback to enhance every campaign.
  • Set a Budget
    Our campaigns are well research and discussed with you to make sure we’re attracting the clients you want to attract. We avoid wasted clicks and design the campaign to your specific needs.

Google Remarketing - The Best Way To Stay On Prospects Minds

  • Stop 'em Getting Away!
    When somebody is searching online for a product or service, they will visit an average of 5 websites. When they leave your website what is to stop them forgetting about you... Google Remarketing. With Google Remarketing you can re-target those who visited your website by placing your adverts on other websites they visit.
  • Inspiring Design
    These image-led ads are eye-catching images and key phrases that draw people to specific pages on your website.
  • Cost Effective
    Google Remarketing is a relatively inexpensive addition to a well-designed Google Adwords campaign.
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